Subtropical rain

So it’s pouring down… the creek is overflowing, the leeches are out.
There are these funny birds making a sound like some sort of electrical device going off.
All these different shades of green, awesome. The banana’s and papaya ready to be picked.
I take a day off.  Some silence will do me good. Spending the last couple of days with lots of people is nice but tiresome. Especially when you don’t have a room to yourself. So I’m verry happy to find myself here in a separate room and a computer to keep me company and a cat on my lap.

Arriving here in a small propellor plain, leaving the sun behind in Sydney, getting on top of the clouds and then while descending the plain shaking, flying into the pouring rain. Driving down here to Goonengerra we pass Byron Baye, but because of the mist we miss the view. It’s hilly and meandering roads. A bit similar to Wales, bit rougher. The rain is warm. They have this huge plot with a creek, dam, wide variety of trees, chickens, pony’s, alpaca’s, goats, cats, dogs and wildlife, a lot of veggies, not all of them  so happy with all this rain, the cucumbers do, they thrive on water.

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