It’s picking up where we left. Fifteen years is quite a while, memories. Do you remember the pizza’s you made, do you remember the Papenhulst, do you remember the toiletnoises, do you remember the mustard throwing, I didn’t get into that yet, the family is listening in, some stories are private conversation. How long ago it was, what age we were, what exploring there was to be done.

I remembered this year you should keep on playing, never stop, and never too late to start again. Maybe it’s rather difficult when you have kids and all the responsibility and me being childless, free, no strings attached have it easy in a way, but watch your kids see them playing, how they act, interact, how they fight and suddenly go into a different direction, how they play, and forget easily, we as grown ups get attached, don’t forget, feel ashamed, hateful, regrets, I shouldn’t have said this, I should have done this or that, forget about it, just play as a grown up child without being naive.

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