I think food is the most important thing in life besides love. They all went to bed but my head is spinning. I’m afraight I have to get the cheese out…another drop of wine.

The only things you need to make a wholesome and satisfying meal is fresh ingredients, time and attention. Love it is. While I’m preparing food I suddenly forget how tired I am, I become whole again. It’s like dancing, you move around you touch the air, you become someone else, you become movement, body, one with the universe.

Food is the way to become a whole person for me. In prepairing I think of the big scheme, the colours, the structures, the taste, the shape, the combinations for well-being, the proteïn, the non acid food forming, the soothing, the yin and yang balance, the serving, the atmosphere, it all has to be taken into account. Food can make you happy, relax, transforming. I want to get into that sort of food. Soulfood.

So I put slices of lemonpeel in the sauce to help reducing the fat in the body and because I put some palmsugar in the sauce, it neutralises the sugar as well, I couldn’t find another vegetable alternative.
I should do somethinhg with all this food knowledge or just accept people the way they are, haha.

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