Food 2 and Christmascarrols

What sort of food do you do? Well wholesome, soulfood, natural foood, no diary, sugar, you see them thinking. What is it called? Uhm, just come and try and taste.  Things are more easy the way over here, things just happen, S. said, oké just let it happen. Relaxing time. We go for a ride see some beaches, Sydney opera house, vieuwpoint, I cook the picknick for later in the park, christmascarrols, but if  it comes to the point of getting down, it’s pouring rain. So we go and meet at Dan’s place. And later  on we’ll meet at the town hall for the Christmascarrols and S. introduces me to a Dutch friend going crazy about the stroopwafels I brought, and we all end up drinking beer, cava and champagne, happy christmas it is. The sky is so big here, bigger as I ever imagined, how come?

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