A bit of a jetlag

Well the sun is out, musquito’s as well, little nasty spiders, ants and other creepy bugs. Long sleeves and trousers will keep them out and better put a sunblock on it’s not that hot but the ozonlayer is thin so better be on the safe side. The whole lot is moving out to the cinema, I’ve seen enough films last 24 hours sitting, besides sleeping in upright position, the body is tired, it needs a rest. It’s afternoon here my bodyclock lost it. I stepped into a warm bath, being a member suddenly of a family. We all went to the swimming pool this morning the children for lessons the adults for a workout, the grandparents reading the papers. I’ll cook them supper on coming back from the movies. I see the citycentre as I’m going for a walk around the neighbourhood getting some cash, Sydney operahouse, harbour, beach and all that jazz have to wait till monday. Tomorrow we’ll be witnissing christmascarrols in the park. If it wasn’t for the tropical plants I could be anywhere around a European city, quite English orientated actually. There are all sorts of beautiful flowers, flowering shrubs and trees, olives on the trees, passion fruit to be picked, scented jasmin, nice coloured birds, singing and christmas decoration everywhere, silly controversion, christmas in the heat. I’ll dose of for a while giving in to what’s needed.

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