On arrival

While seated all passengers of the boeing 747 are getting an immigration card to fill in. We won’t be leaving for another half hour or so, waiting for some late travellers to catch up with the plane. We almost missed a plane once, I know the feeling rushing towards customs, asking other people, waiting in the queue for permission to get through first. So I fill in the card. Suddenly realising my trainers are in my suitcase probably covered in mud, so entering the country they need to be sorted out and probably cleaned because they might be contaminated with whatever might be harmful for the agriculture, Australia has his own rules. Have to open my luggage anyway forĀ  carrying food into the country and we are running late already, so hopefully S. checked before leaving for the airport to pick me up. Otherwise he’ll be waiting there for an hour. We had to be belted up most of the time flying from Kula Lumpur to Sydney because of the heavy wheather, even the cabin crew was ordered to sit most of the time. So 8 hours became 9, well never mind what’s an extra hour in 25 hours travelling? I did get some sleep and endlessly watched the video’s, didn’t feel like reading, more dosing off with the headset on.

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