True men, true love

Some men are like dirtflies, they seem to smell when you are available, then let them self drop and transform into a tick which keeps on sucking unto they are satisfied. That is if you let them.

Give me a break.

You need three things for a good relationship: intimicy, commitment and passion. Usually you don’t score at all three points, so you need to work.

Who said a relationship is easy?

When I look back (better not, but maybe I can learn something from the past) I always missed out on one of the three things. In my first real relationship there was no commitment, because he loved the bottle better.

In my second relationship the passion was lacking, no sex doesn’t keep me  going.

In my third relationship  we started out quite allright but in the end the intimicy got lost, and then the passion died and my commitment was lost.

How sad. So I leave.

But I heal,  I sit in my garden, watching the flowers, bees, birds, frogs, mice, moove, grow, change, like me.

Sometimes I become the tree, the horse, the person walking next to me, but most of the time my head spins too hard. But I can I will, be. From thinking to feeling to being.

Maybe mister right shows up, who understands that you need to work to get everything allright. That women have other needs then just being satisfied in clitorial orgasm. They want to be loved all over.

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