tawny owl

At first I only heard them, but not knowing what to look for I started asking around reproducing the sound I heard: eeeek, eeeek, eeeek. It sounds a bit dramatic, troublesome. My neighbour told me it was a tawny owl.
Next thing was to spot them. My friend told me just to sit down at  sunset and wait. So next day when I heard the sound I ran out, sat on my bench and waited. I didn’t have to wait long. Over my head  the  owl silently appeared and  disappeared again between the trees.
For weeks they were here, in the area. Noisy, alarming, two little baby owls squealing and their mother, in her silent flight, always near. Sometimes the little ones were really showing of. Sitting in the top of the pinetree or playing with each other.
Today, after being away for a while, I was hoping to see them again, but sadly enough it stays quiet.

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