It’s raining men haleluja. One day the right train will stop at my station, probably when it’s least expected. I want a sweet love in equality and with passion, with space and mutual respect. Someone who likes to train his bud of like I do, with a lust for life and a strong personality, who is giving and not afraid to receive. Someone who can say no to me with a smile on his face, someone who doesn’t walk away when I come close. Someone who looks after himself, likes the good things of life, wants to share, respects nature, someone who is careful, caring and has a  limitless confidence. Oh I’m asking to much am I? Many trains passed, they stop for a short while or a little longer and then I wave goodbye until the next one appears. It never ends happily there are always tears when you have to say goodbye. I just need a man with balls who can stand up to me.

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