I feel good

Somewhere I entered a new dimension, to choose to sit down and share my thoughts. I have this suitcase waiting, filled with writings over the years, some of it will be so depressing that I still can’t push myself, it’s in my gardenhouse, quietly asking, open me, spoil me, use me, let me recover.

I can only do this because I feel good, I am changing, I am coming home, I feel shaken as well, because I don’t follow my habitual paths, I shiver, I fight inside, to be strong, loving to myself, to say no to the outside world and to say yes to my inside world. It’s not what I’m used to.

I should be working on my recipes just now…

What is it I really want? What is really important? Nothing is important except love, understanding, sharing. I cry looking inside not out of dispair but sometimes it hurts so much to feel the bleeding of mother earth and the people in it struggling.

God is looking in the heart, I embrace life,  with  a bit of luck I have a new house in spring. For the moment I live here and there and everywhere, and my possessions are getting less, and less important. I was walking this morning and felt, I am always home, I am safe, I feel secure, I feel love.

Thank you

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