Emotional rollercoaster

As they say, the first few days after the AUM you’re very open. So don’t try to fix the argument with your neighboor, get in the mood to ring an old boyfriend to settle for once and all and don’t even think about telling the handsome guy you have this special feeling and…

No let it sink in and breath. As I do now.

For during the AUM you are in an emotional rollercoaster but after, you have to get back with your feet on the solid ground and feel earth.
To get in touch with earth I dig with my hands in the soil, plant seeds, weed, get my fingernails all filled with black earth and feel the dried skin on my hands.
As I massage the hands of my clients in the office I cannot notice but how soft their hands are to the touch and how solid and strong my working hands are.

After one of the AUM’s I have this conversation about my work. One of the things I do, is teaching childeren in primary school how to cook healthy. From the first day I started I thought I’m never gonna stay long.. But now I already teach at the same school for the fourth season. What I show the children is my passion for food and that healthy can be mjammy as well. What I like is how open and forewarded the children are and some really pick up what I say and try out things at home and hidden qualities are opening up. What I don’t like is playing the schoolteacher, getting tthem to listen to me, how they don’t show any respect, keep on nagging about all sort of things, hit eachother and scold at each other.
But then this man I’m talking to says: sometimes you have to give up your own ambition and put your knowledge into service. And I keep on coming back to our conversation.

And then we had this amazing weekend with Osamu Tatsamura a Japanese okid yoga teacher. I must tell you about him, but later, my class is waiting.

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