Cooking for life

Cooking is fun but can be very demanding as well. Three days in a row cooking with little sleep. Because I want to share as well and want to do it well, so I putĀ  a lot of effort in the job and it pays back in happy faces and warm tummies, it doesn’t make me rich in money but it certainly is giving me satisfaction. And friends!

Only after the yoga practice my energy level rises again, ten students tonight.
I started making arrangements through skype for Australia, here I come, every day one new appointment, so my schedule is clear by the end of the week, only packing, insurance, and some extra money and I can leave.

I’ll be cooking there as well, for dollars and for fun and for my friends, the colder it gets here the more I’m looking forward to go, I can’t wait, nervous and agitated like a child, counting the days.

I will think of a restaurant again, because cooking is my passion, my true love in life.

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