I had this amazing experience, in the IMT treatment, my body rotating.
So afterwards I feel happy, open and relaxed and then the fatique sets in,
I start to feel under the stress zone lies, the pain buried save, waiting.

And then I work five days in a row, little sleep, an AUM in between and working the day after and oeps that’s much too much. Never put heavy duty after an AUM.

So now the dam is broken, opened up twice in a week, no protection anymore, vulnerable and tired. Three days tears endlessly.

And then the mind starts to wonder, close that door, shut up your heart, I don’t want to be touched anymore, but I don’t want to harden, it took me long enough to open up, to feel, to learn to love.

So now I’m puzzled. Under the tears I feel warm, stable, strong and full of love.
But what is touched and hurts, is coming home within myself, connected, feeling whole, united, full of beans.

I will continue, I will not look back. Man sees only what he has in mind, God sees the heart.

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