The sound in silence. It takes time to get there, I quess. Once the plane lifts of my heart lifts as well. As the world turns smaller below me, my head becomes lighter.Miracles do exist.We don’t need to worry. That’s the main problem we worry too much. Fear is mainly based in the mind, there’s nothing to be afraight of, you make it up, you can leave it behind. Ego is the next problem to beat in life next to fear. Where ego I go someone once told me. Let’s face it, we need our ego in a world full of ego’s. But we don’t need to show of all the time and looking for confirmation doesn’t help you to grow up. We are all individuals and in the end you have to deal with yourself. Addiction is the third thing to tackle. We are addicted to food, love, matter. If you let go your life become much lighter. Still there’s that little parrot on my shoulder that keeps on talking. We all make decisions the whole time, go left, go right, say yes, say no, you never know where you end up. I’m already half way, I’ve got my dreams to become true, I visualise my life and it happens. Sometimes quick, sometimes slow, but it’s all there, and sometimes I don’t recognise it immediately because I get what I asked for in another form. I am not scared, I do worry still. In silence there is a noise that becomes stronger. When I am tired there is that noise, a buzz, when I do my exercises and lie still afterwards there’s that noise, a buzz, when i meditate, there’s that noise, a buzz. I get distracted quite easily when there’s a lot of noise around me, when people are all talking at the same time, I get lost in the sounds. I don’t mind a lot of noise around me once I start dancing something else takes over then and lifts me up and softens the world. Into action I feel connected.

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