No regrets

Never a dull moment. Fifteen more minutes before I hit the bed. Last night the ghosts kept on whispering. Memories were keeping me awake. Cold feet, heartbeat, stomageburn. For god sake when will it be quiet up there. Only when I meditate, walk, do exercises, cook, work in the garden, dance, have sex, sing. It’s getting better, haha. When my body mooves it’s easy to shut up. I love words, I love talking.

At night it’s getting difficult, when it gets dark, let go, detach, all these things, my life in the past, present, future. They say now is important, the moment, to be present with loving attention, to reverse all negative experiences. They say the more you suffer the stronger and the better person you become. Ah well hell, I’ve had my share thank you very much. 

Time’s up, silence for a couple of days, I’m travelling. Simple retreat, writing in front of the fireplace is a good prospect.

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