And then suddenly the softness sets in again.
One of my new customers in the office where I give chairmassage, has these big quetionmarks in his eyes.

The Aum was wonderful again, soft, powerful, liberating.
Fuck you, love you, hate you, hug you, I’m so sorry, I don’t get it, don’t leave me, please come back. I am making new friends, you can insult me, but other people still love me, so I don’t believe that what you think of me is true, maybe that’s your reality, people tend to see themselves in other people. Yes perception is projection. You say what you want to hear,¬† it makes things easier. You want a fight? You can get one. I will win, because I am strong and I am not afraid to loose because I have nothing to win, nothing to loose. it’s all in your mind. Arrogant, yes sure. Life¬† is all about ego. that’s why we are human beings. Nothing wrong with ego.

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