Home is where the heart is. Even without a real home, she’s not homeless. She’s entering inner space. Coming home within.

I still like the material world, beautiful things, money makes it all happen.
But I realize I can do without. I don’t worry that much anymore. Not about what people say or think about me. Whether they like me or not.  There’s no money in my account, I have no real home, I have no partner. But I do have a lot of friends, there’s always a job, I never get bored, I’m in love, I am happy.

I went to the movies the other night, feeling restless. Wall Street, the second make by Oliver Stone, with Michael Douglas. There’s the additional lovestory in the background. I went to the Photo Gallery today, Nan Goldin is showing, about communication, love, parties, gender, sex and saying good bye. It’s all about relating to one another. Nothing else is important. I relate, at least I try.


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