hello world

How grateful I am, for all the gifts that are coming my way.
How I become my own teacher.
How tired I am but so happy inside.
How the waves of life keep moving me, pushing me forwards.
How sad last years love sucked me down.
How many hands made it lighter for me.
How loving words and compliments are spread in my garden,
little promising seeds.
How I embrace nature.
How I become a better teacher.
How I believe in myself.
How I become stronger and solid and loving.
How my body and face are gradually changing.
How I sometimes shine when my heart mind is connected.
How I go beyond fear and recognition.
How my financial situation is bothering me.
How my heart becomes whole.
How new possibilities are coming my way.
How I always keep smiling and bending in the positive direction.
Never a dull moment in life.
How I will end up under that tree resting.
How I silently watch you moving waiting for the right moment.
How my dreams come true one by one.
How I long for a new love embracing my body.
How I love food and the good things of life.
How it all comes my way some way anyway.
How my voice becomes louder as I will stand in the world
How my world become part of your world and
How my vision becomes your vision and
How my dream becomes your dream
How I can live anywhere.

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