Gifted energy

My hands lead the way. I just told my yoga students the other day, I’m not going to put energy in personal treatment. As it happens to be necessary, I’ll be there. Natural, without force, without promotion. When it is needed.

She called me this morning, in pain. If I have time, and yes because my schedule changed, well that’s what I thought, cause I get this phonecall one minute later that a class is waiting for me. Well so sorry, mistake, I thought the whole day was cancelled but only the afternoonclass was. Some other time…..

I put my hands on her body, feeling, breathing. I don’t have to treat the painful spots. The body itself will lead the energy where it is needed. I relax, start yawning, tears running down my cheeks. I feel the energy change under my palms. It feels cold, so I send some heat. I feel my spine straightening, I feel my stomage contracting, I feel pain on the chest. My body is reflecting. I give, I receive, I give, I receive, easy. I open up to the universe, ask for help, relax, wait, breathe, so simple, I visualize, the body, the chakra’s, colours, I send, I receive, I am whole.

So now I’m puzzled, because treating gives me a lot of energy and is very grounding and relaxing, and my whole body and heart are warm and soft and happy, afterwards.

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