Foreign Food Affairs

Dear friends abroad,

I would like to invite you for my birthday but that is a bit much asked I quess, anyway I think about you.

I am grateful for alle the people I met and became friends with in my life, maybe we don’t see each other that often, sometimes even not for years, sometimes though more often, sometimes sadly never again, but I know that if it happens to be so, you or I, will pop up somewhere and we will pick up the trail where we left it.

And for the next coming fifty year or so I will be travelling the world because I want to dig in deeper in the wisdom of nature to experience the power of food, to find out, how food (next to breath (oxygen) and exercise (natural movement) is the essence of life.

Or is that love?

Anyway you are on my list: Australia, New Sealand, Surinam, Norway, France, Ireland, England, Indonesia, Siberia, Suisse, and probably more to follo..Hawaï,Canada, doesn’t have to be in that order…

To put down the knowledge, to hand over verbal and written, my experience over the last 37 years exploring food and to exchange with others to enrich the world. I like to share and help to transmit universal wisdom.

I am a lucky woman!

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