It could be more it could be less, but take a couple of spare hours , go to the sauna, sweat, relax, cool down, eat, drink, enjoy, feel, sweat, cool down, relax, drink, sweat.
I sat under the stars steaming from this hot humid sauna talking celebrating my best friends fifthieth birthday, god we’re getting old, he doesn’t look like it, he doesn’t feel like it, bit it’s on his birth certificate so…and then we start memorising the past, nothing you can do about that, the house is empty, the jobs too big and why should you work your but out for whom? Since there’s no woman or man around it feels empty, god don’t get me into that, don’t let me feel this, I want to tell but I swallow my words it’s not the right moment nor the right time, I’m not ashamed of the tears that shine in my eyes but I do feel embarassed. God love is so conflicting.

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