I adept quite easy in a new environment and seem to find opportunities for work when I am not looking. 

This afternoon I had a chat in a fancy cooking shop and end up leaving my name and telephone to have a interview with the owner about giving vegan cooking workshops. So within a week here playing the tourist in Amsterdam I have this chance for a job. 

I am so happy I learned all these skills over the years. I can offer various workshops: cooking, arts and creativity, health, movement like yoga and dance or sit still be silent and observe yourself and then of course a wide range of weird variations on these themes.

As I become older and accepting some things I should better not want anymore, physical that is, my mind is young, adabtable, curious and eager to explore. More please it says! 

Last week I have been cooking several meals  with a slight ayurvedic touch using spices, warming and clensing ingredients. 

While getting a reasonable amount of shopping for the next bit of cooking in the nearest health food shop, I let the pale looking man behind me go first, as he has only one or two items in his shopping basket. But at the same moment another cashier opens his till and the man moves there after thanking me friendly though.

While paying the woman behind me says: ‘Where do you see that nowadays?’ pointing at my jacket. On the sleeve is printed in gold: Humaniversity, that’s where I got it. Above that is stitched in bright red: Osho. On the back is a beautiful by hand embroidered print of a dragon. That’s why I bought it in the first place, being a dragon myself in Chinese astrology.

‘I like the active meditations of Osho’, I reply. ‘Yes me too’, she nods. In leaving she says: ‘Well we’ll probably meet somewhere again’. 

So easy to connect when I am not going anywhere in particular and just do the things that are there to be done.

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